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Quotes by Lou Holz

To be honest, I can’t recall ever hearing about Lou Holz.  I was searching for the author of a quote and his name came up.  Lou was an American football coach who died in 1980. After checking out a few of his other quotes, I...

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Quotes by Muhammad Ali

Who doesn’t have some core memory of Muhammed Ali, inside the ring or out?  Mine is watching the fight between Ali and Joe Frazier in the University Bar. And who doesn’t have a favoured quote (or two? With all the available...

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Quotes by Gough Whitlam

Introduction Very few people of my age will have a neutral view of Gough Whitlam.  To many, he was an inspiring figure who rebooted Australia for all Australians in 1972 after 23 years in a conservative wilderness. The Dismissal...

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Quotes by Tony Abbott

Introduction I’ve scoured the internet for the many sources of Tony Abbotts speech and writing, and all the quotes (335 in total) are included verbatim as I found them.  A small number of quotes were found many, many times on...

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