Let me make sure I understand what you are saying Mr. Turnbull, because its doing my head in.

You won the last election by one seat & 50.36% of the two party-preferred vote, right?

But with this tiny majority, you say that you have a mandate for 100% of your policies?   Because you “won” the election and formed the government.

So, just say I agree (which I don’t) but just so I can work this out, say I agree.  You have this mandate for all your policies because you won the election.

All your policies except one, namely Same Sex Marriage. On this one policy alone, you say that you don’t have a mandate to pass a bill, because all you went to the election with was the promise of a Plebiscite.

So on Same Sex Marriage., you only have this mandate to seek another mandate, via a $200m Plebiscite.  No matter that we’ve only ever had three (3) before, and not one of the previous Plebiscites since Federation in Australia has ever effected any outcome.  

And then (it gets better) after this Plebiscite, even if you get a mandate for Same Sex Marriage, it doesn’t bind you to pass a Bill on Same Sex Marriage.

You can ignore it!

Your party can vote its conscience and vote down a Same Sex Marriage bill?  

True? Have I got that right?  Are you insane?