Scene: wide shot on an empty living room in a suburban house: retro stuffed couches, anti-macassars on the chairs, doylies on the table under the plastic plant vase. textured wallpaper, orange lamps and so forth.  a picture of retro domestic bliss
Enter: B1: stage left, carrying shopping bags.  B1 has obviously been out running errands.  B1 looks around as if searching for someone.  Then B1 takes a deep breath and yells.
B1: Hey, B2, Where are you?
B2: I’m in the garage.
B1: What’s are you doing in the garage? Cleaning it up?
B2: No. Something much more exciting. I’m building a Tokamak.
B1: What’s that?
B2: It’s a kind of energy generating device.  Very cool!
B1: Wdo you want to build a “tommy-hawk”
B2: No B1, a “tokomak”, spelled T-O-K-A-M-A-K.  I want to be “off the grid” – independent of the power supply. I’m sick of paying power bills
B1: What’s wrong with paying power bills? We’ve always paid power bills
B2: But they’re expensive. And we are being ripped off.
B1: well, they have been going up a bit
B2: yes they have.  Also, they use coal fired generators which contribute to global warming
B1: alright so say that’s all true, everyone pays power bills. What makes you think it should be different
B2: I just want to be free.  I just want to be free of the grid.
B1: nothing is free in this life. Who said you could do this? Did the government give you permission?
B2: I’m not asking anyone for permission. I’m a power freedom fighter
B1: humph!
B2: besides, not only will we save money, but we will make money too! I’ll sell the excess to the grid and we will get a credit. A small one but still a credit. That’s why I chose the Tokamak. There will be a lot of excess power.
B1: you, mean, eventually we’ll make money?
B2: yes.
B1: ok, but how do you know how to build one of these “Tommy Hawks”?
B2: Tokamak! It’s easy, I’ve got some plans from a friend of mine. Do you remember Ed Snowden?
B1: No.  I can’t keep up with you and your friends – they’re round here all the time, or calling in the middle of the night. And then suddenl…poofff! They’re gone and you don’t see them for years
B2: Edward is in Russia for a while B1, he’s coming home soon.
B1: maybe.  anyway, how long is it going to take then?
B2: well it might take a while to build the Tokamak, Ed was missing a few pages in the plans
B1: So,it’s going to be like last time: mess everywhere until you’re done
B2: Yes, probably. But once I’m done, with the amount of power I’ll feed into the grid, we’ll be in the black in no time
B1: well, alright. How much time?
B2: well, if the copper in the cables to the grid don’t melt, about 2.3 seconds until everything is paid off and we are in the black
B1: well hurry up then. I’m not having sex with you until you’re finished.
B2: (Sotto voce) we don’t have sex now
B1: I heard that! It may well be true but at least you think there’s a chance.
B2: that’s a strange ideology
B1: well, it’s mine.  Now I’m not letting you near me until this is cleaned up. (Sotto voce) only one way to treat their type, appeal to their gonads.
 fade to black