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My experience of getting my piece published in The Australian “A-plus” section went about as well as I could possibly hope.  Great editing, lovely and generous layout and artistic treatment and placement were more than I could possibly have hoped for.

For those of you who may have missed this article, please have a read.

I’m attaching a PDF below.

LRSB Published in The Australian 2014-10-07

Alas, there were some parts of the original draft that had to be omitted due to space limitations.  whilst not pivotal to the overall story I wrote, they did bring in the people at Pinter and Martin who had made this possible, especially Martin Wagner.

On publishing again in 2014

Why would anyone publish this book again in 2014?

Martin Wagner, the publisher of this new edition was very positive about the book right from when when he first discovered the book:

“A home-schooling friend of mine showed me the book and I loved it straight away. I love the way it talks to kids in a non-patronising way and empowers them to make society better for them, rather than placing that responsibility in the hand of adults.”

Response since the launch

Martin Wagner, the publisher said that since the release, response to the book had been

“All positive. A few fans of the book wrote in, and the sales are encouraging so far.”

When I asked if he was happy with the product release, Martin said:

“Yes, especially when a home schooling mum (not the one who recommended it) put it on her Facebook page and we sold 80 copies in an evening. We are planning ‘The New Little Red Schoolbook’ next year, which brings all the info up to date and also tackles current issues, such as cyber-bullying, and removes all the less relevant stuff from the old edition.”